Friday, February 10, 2006

A Surprise

On Sunday, January 29th when we came home from church, Seth & the kids had a treasure hunt for me and were excited about me finding a surprise!
Here are the little clues they left me...

CLUE #1: You wanted a schedule, you wanted a plan so go to the place where you go to pay the bills. (He gave up on the whole rhyming thing I guess!)
CLUE #2: Now that you are curious and wondering what is up, there is something that I have been keeping from you. Go to the "construction zone."
CLUE #3: In honor of the anniversary of calling your dad, I have a surprise for you. Go to the place you communicate with others. (the computer of course. )
CLUE #4: I have been waiting for quite some time to give this to you, so I hope that you will enjoy what you have in go to where you sleep.

Then there was a note that said:
My Dearest Love, You deserve a big break from all you do. So open this package and you will find something that will take you away from all the chaos and give us some time to spend with each other. I love you!

And on my pillow I found two tickets for a Carnival Cruise that leaves TOMORROW, February 11th!
Seth had worked out all the details for the kids to stay with grandparents, and we are going away for 6 days with NO kids! And not only that, it's ALL paid for! Last year before Seth left Noll.Bakke, he closed a real estate deal where they gave him a cruise travel voucher. It was right when Chandler was born, so he knew it wouldn't be possible for us to go for a while. He has kept this from me til just the right time, and we are able to use it just before the year expiration! Initially he was going to "kidnap" me and not tell me where we were going until we were on our way, but I have my mom and sister to thank that he gave me a little bit of "heads up."
So I'm busy today packing for us, the kids, getting last minute things together. I am nervous and excited! Nervous about leaving the kids (especially the baby) for that long and yet definitely excited to be getting away, getting a relaxing break, and enjoying sleep, and each other!

And if you think about, pray for Granny Sharon and Papa and Grandma who will be watching them over the next 6 days!
I'll post when we get back!

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Jeremy and Ladonna said...

WHat a surprise! SO how was it!?
Glad you had a chance to have a "get-away".