Tuesday, February 24, 2009

feeling pregnant~

And feeling our little girlie moving about constantly! She's quite active, but since her back is to my back, I'm quite sore most of the time. The kids love feeling when she kicks me & they talk to her even though she doesn't have a name yet! Chandler asks me..... "Is it spring yet so the baby can come out?" 
So FUN to spend this past weekend w/these 4 dear friends. What a refreshing time it was!  
I came home Sunday to a husband (who'd given me two days "off" and even dealt with one child who got the flu!) who was quite sick. I was grateful for the time away, but always love coming home to my sweet family~ I've been washing & cleaning since I got home and we are praying that the other 4 of us escape the awful virus that visited here over the weekend.  

I can't believe March is just around the corner, which means April isn't that far off. March will be a busy month, with finishing up basketball games for 3 kids, starting soccer practices & games for 2 kids, a concert for me, a baby shower, Chandler's 4th birthday, a visit from Granny during her spring break, other family birthdays, and just the regular daily/weekly routine, which is never dull! I have so much I want to accomplish in the next 8 weeks, but I doubt most of it will happen....but I'll work at it and hopefully see some of it come to pass!  

Oh, and these make me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. And it reminds me that SPRING is almost here. 

My hubs gave these flowers to Tiffany & me 10 days ago on Valentines Day. And they've continually bloomed more beautifully since! IMG_0560 IMG_0561

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was tagged

I've been tagged, so here's what I did.

The rules:

1. go to your documents/pictures. 

2. go to your 6th file. 

3. go to your 6th picture. 

4. blog about it. 

5. tag 6 people …

So, to blog about this picture, takes me back 4 1/2 years ago. To the Fall of 2004. These pics were taken by "Aunt Cassidy" my dear friend who was an instructor for a photography course. 

My dear Tiffany would have just turned 5 in these pictures. She has grown up SO much!

I can't just post one pic though, I need to post the series of pictures this one came from!

I love looking back at older photos. And just can't believe how time flies by!!!

Instead of tagging 6 people, I'm adding 6 pics to this post instead! :-)

CZJ October 7 2004 115 

CZJ October 7 2004 122 

CZJ October 7 2004 116 

CZJ October 7 2004 127 

CZJ October 7 2004 124 

CZJ October 7 2004 125

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From a good book~

Dietrick Bonhoeffer is quoted:
in the book "Momentary Marriage" by John Piper
"The woman must bear her children in pain, and in  providing for his family the man must reap many thorns and thistles, and labor in the sweat of his brow. This burden should cause both man and wife to call on God, and should remind them of their eternal destiny in HIS kingdom. Earthly society is only the beginning of the heavenly society, the earthly home an image of the heavenly home, the earthly family a symbol of the fatherhood of God."

I can so much relate to this quote right now. I'm carrying a child, and will soon know the experience again of pain in childbirth.  And my dear husband labors every day, providing for our family. And both of these things are causing us to call upon God. 

Also, Dietrick Bonhoeffer said:
"Live together in the forgiveness of your sins, for without it no human fellowship, least of all a marriage, can survive."

Sadly, marriages are falling apart all around me. Some dear friends are fighting & struggling for their marriage. Some others I know seem to be giving up. Another, I wonder if it will "break" tomorrow. It breaks my heart to see those I know or who are/were close to me in such pain. The above quote was just a reminder today as I read it to LIVE in forgiveness. That each spouse must do that in order for a marriage to survive. And offering true forgiveness takes a relationship with Christ, one that is daily cultivated. 

Just thought I'd share~

Monday, February 09, 2009

Misc. happenings~

Lack of blogging doesn't necessarily mean nothing is happening around here.  

We've been getting lots of good school days in.....well, and some not-so-good school days when unexpected things occur & we learn to be flexible!  

I wish I could say that my 3rd trimester has meant I'm just feeling SO great....but I'm not yet. Throwing up is still a daily occurence, no matter what methods I seem to try to prevent it from happening! Actually this morning I kept myself from losing my breakfast, which hasn't happened in weeks!!!! Nights are pretty rough, and I don't take for granted getting in a good night's sleep! Just about 10 weeks left.......and we still don't have a name, but we can't wait to meet this precious baby girl!  

I started singing with my ensemble again one evening a week....although I've found that being pregnant doesn't give me much breath support for holding out notes!!!! We have a concert coming up in March, and after that I'll take a break from it for a while.  

Seth is crazy busy with work, although we've yet to see what he is owed make it to our bank account in the past few months! We are praying & trusting for God's provision. I have a dedicated, hard-working husband whose positive attitude amazes me!  

We joined our church back in December and are enjoying our Sunday morning Connection Group, as well as Bible Study on Wednesday nights. The 2 older kids have started up choir again on Wednesdays, which they thoroughly enjoy.  

Seth & I have been listening to lots of John Piper sermons during the week, and been challenged & encouraged. Also, Seth has been working with the kids on Bible memorization & even Chandler is picking up on it!  

Bryan is continuing with speech therapy....and Chandler & I sit in on every session as well. He's progressing, although lately it's been very challenging & frustrating for him. We are so grateful for such a wonderful, patient therapist!  

It's also Upwards Basketball season~  
Tiffany is playing on a team of 4th through 6th grade girls, so she's on the younger/shorter end, but she's doing a great job. She's so encouraging to her teammates & has amazing defense & energy out there on the court. They've only won 1 out of 4 games so far, but they've learned a lot & had fun!  

Zach is loving being on a team with two of his cousins. They each have a TON of energy, incredible defense, have made great shots, and work together with their team. What FUN it is to watch these guys play! 

Bryan is playing on a Kindergarten team. They have a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game on the same day each week. He is ALL over the place and has so much energy it wears anyone out just to watch him!!!! 
We've made a few downtown excursions w/cousins enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather~ IMG_0148 IMG_0164    IMG_0152
IMG_0155 IMG_0161
And TODAY, was a Preschool Valentines Day Party~ w/cousins & friends given by Grandma & Mrs. Wean. 
IMG_0200 IMG_0202    IMG_0192

IMG_0190 IMG_0195    IMG_0206
Now, it's about 75 outside & sunny & the kids think it's summer, so the boys are shirtless & Tiff is in a sundress. IF they only knew what was coming. I think every year they forget how HOT it really will get here.  
IMG_0222 IMG_0216 IMG_0210 IMG_0217 IMG_0213
We have a busy few weeks ahead, and hopefully I will do better at taking pictures of more we've been doing.  

Happy Valentines Day week!!!!!