Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While baby was napping this morning, I went outside to see what the kids were up to in this 90+ degree weather (which is cool compared to what it has been!) LOVE how some of mine get freckled faces from the summer sun. 
IMG_4651 Chan-man showed me his tool box
IMG_4648 Ready to go work somewhere
......oh he told me they were cleaning out the sandbox! How do you CLEAN SAND??? Those two just don't go together in my mind! Zach had built a bike ramp & showed me some jumps 
IMG_4642 Tiff is amazing w/her brothers...such patience. Usually coming up with ideas for them to do outside. In fact, probably her idea to clean the sand box! 
IMG_4688 These two spend most of their days laughing, tackling, fighting, and playing (I'm on a mission to eliminate the fighting percentage of their day!)
IMG_4693 The kids believe popsicles are definitely the preferred snack for the summer. In our freezer we have some from the store, home-made ones, ones in cups etc..... 


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father = Happy Kids

Father's Day '05
Father's Day '07
IMG_8650 SO amazing how the kids have changed from year to year.  

Father's Day '09
Yes....now you know WHO they get their craziness from!!! (And Ashlyn just sleeps peacefully through it all!)  


We had a great day making these kids' dad feel special on Father's Day. 
After church, we went to a restaurant with seafood! (From a previous crawfish post you'd know I really don't care for that kind of food AT ALL!) My man said "oh that is good" when eating each thing on his plate! We only frequent a place like this about once a year, and it's entertaining to see him so excited about that kind of food.  
We also took him to Academy Sport, where he spent two hours "shopping"...and came out with two things he's wanted for a long time! 
Then tonight he & the kids helped me clean the house! What an AWESOME husband & father!!!!!  
So grateful to my heavenly FATHER for salvation! 
And for my own father today too who has blessed me beyond words. 
And also my husband's father who taught him to love people & be such a hard worker....we are reaping the blessing of that for sure!!!! And much more!

"To the Only God"

(You'll have to stop the playlist to hear this little video)

"To the Only God" sung by the David Crowder band and Shane & Shane is one of a few songs that I have sung to Ashlyn since she was born. 
It's on her "itunes playlist" that she listens to each night. 
And everytime I sing it to her she calms down & just smiles. 
It'll melt your heart....at least it does mine. 
And you can tell already, one day she'll be singing it with me!

Friday, June 19, 2009

~7 weeks old~


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things Mommy doesn't capture......

.....Daddy captures on his iPhone! And here are just a few I found when he downloaded them last night. IMG_0006 
IMG_0012 Zach at the dentist
IMG_0026 Our little happy organizer!
IMG_0080 Happy Kitchen helpers!
IMG_0083 Family Worship time
IMG_0020 You can tell who let this little guy dress himself!
IMG_0105 Trying on shoes @ Academy 
IMG_0121 A happy biker boy
IMG_0134 (instead of) BEDtime.....FUN!
IMG_0145 At the gym
IMG_0211 Getting hair styled after bathtime


Of course they aren't all that clear...but the FUN you see in them is when they are with their daddy!!!! How grateful we are in this family for such a wonderful DADDY! Never a dull moment with him for sure!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday nights in the heat of the summer!

We're off to the track! Ready to race!
(Thanks to my sis for capturing these last week)

These two cousins are a crack up to watch race! IMG_4209 

IMG_4207 Mr. Sprinter (all intense & dramatic!)
IMG_4239 Mr. Long distance 
IMG_4268 Miss "Just Having Fun" (she told me that's what it's all about!)
IMG_4219 It's at least 100 degrees already this afternoon, so we'll be sweating it out!!!!

6 weeks~

IMG_9660 IMG_9643 (Thanks, sis!)

Sharing Shoes~

I found Chandler sharing his NEW tennis shoes w/his baby sister the other morning. 
He spent about 10 minutes getting them on!
It really was so cute!
And Ashlyn cooperated just fine.

Snow Cone Saturday

On Saturday, Seth & Zach attended a Gun Show, so I let the other three do what they'd been talking about doing for DAYS. Set up to sell snow cones. Their first idea was to do it at Papa & Grandma's when they were having a garage sale, but that didn't work out. They also thought about selling them at our neighborhood park/pool but you can't take food or drink in the pool area......SO, they set up at the end of the driveway. 
IMG_4445 And sat there for over 3 hours!
Waiting patiently for customers....
I took this picture from inside through the window. After every customer came by, one of them would run in to tell me ALL about it!
Their customers had to practice patience, as it took quite a while for them to make each one! They made $8 sitting out in the heat.....and learned to wait patiently AND work together! They thought it was worth it!