Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Family Fun~

What a FUN day we had on Tuesday with friends at the waterpark! Thanks to them we had FREE fun once again! We've known the Powells over 8 years now. Tiffany & Logan were babies when we met. Then when they were 2 years old, they moved away from the San Antonio area. It's great that we've stayed in touch and we are always glad to have them visit! And it's enjoyable to see our kids interact & get along so well! And us parents get along great too! Great to see you, Steve & Lisa & kids! (And meet Abigail too!) Let's do it again next year!  
IMG_0500 IMG_0511 IMG_0506 IMG_0513 IMG_0502 IMG_0521 IMG_0517  
Gotta love their energy & smiles!  
10 hours in the sun & water though sure wears you out! 
But the kids slept in this morning, so that was nice.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Monday

.....recuperating from a busy weekend 
.....itching because I am working up a sweat cleaning & cooking! Rise in body temp. or heat induces my itching. Talk about annoying!  
.....5 loads of laundry which was washed, dried, & folded (thanks to my 8yo daughter for helping me w/this one!) up each room in the house, only to be followed by my 3yo making his little trail (i.e. MESS!) behind me 
.....meditating on Scripture. HOPE of God's Word helps me get through a day! 
.....vacuming carpets, baseboards, and tile floors. 
Man, how does so much dirt get tracked in everywhere? 
.....continually reminding kids to "think of others as more important than yourself" 
.....breaking up arguments amidst brothers, in the 1 foot deep tiny pool outside 
.....helping my son make his newest project, a homemade bow & arrow set he's created 
.....chatting with dear friends online in between all this
....always encouraged by friends, some who are even far away 
.....helped my two oldest type/send emails & pictures to their friends in Tennessee. One of them typed themselves & needed constant spelling help, the other one dictated his to me, which he'd say something, then change it, then change how he said it, FUN to hear what they want to say to their friends far away.  
.....making 2 meals, one for my sis & family of 8, who is sick & the other for us and out of town company joining us tonight! 
.....cutting up 2 bowls of watermelon, making cookies & 2 banana puddings, 2 salads, and more 
.....doing dishes from all the above the floors & kitchen because of the above 
.....somewhere in there getting lunch made for the kids 
.....and cleaning up their drips & stickiness from eating watermelon 
.....sitting down with my daughter for 5 minutes of "photo booth" FUN! MyPicture bathroom sinks, toilets, & tubs 
.....thinking about how tomorrow at Schlitterbahn with my family & friends coming into town will be a wonderful break after today! And that it's FREE!  .....picking up cars & "race tracks" made throughout the house. I guess the kids could have picked them up, but they were playing so sweetly outside (finally!) during that time! 
.....listening to praise music that is playing on my iTunes every time I walk through my bedroom 
.....being reminded of what Christ did at the cross, that he alone is HOLY and good and righteous. That HE is a shelter in my storm, and His LOVE is deeper than I can fathom. That even in the mundane, daily jobs of a mom HE is worthy to be praised!  
Now, the question is: How am I going to fit in SCHOOL time amidst all this starting a few weeks from now? Now that.......I DON'T want to think about today!  

And here's my hard working 3 year old! He spent at least 20 minutes vacuming (the same rug!) for me!
Watcha doing, Chan?
A serious job
IMG_0430 IMG_0431 
What FUN this little guy is! IMG_0447  

(I've filled in this post for the past few hours, when I walk by the computer, but now I'm finally done I think!) And I think I'm done "working" for the day. But a mom's work is really never done!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Track time!

The kids really enjoy track time on Monday nights. We are sad that it's over for the summer. They get to see their cousins, which is a highlight of their week!. They all challenge each other and have the biggest cheering fan section out there! IMG_0023 
IMG_0028 IMG_0066
IMG_0111 IMG_0102 

What a week!

There were 4 classes that we rotated through at the arts & crafts station at VBS this past week. It was fun to have each one of my kids in those different classes, and see them work so intently on their project. It's in these kinds of things that their personality really comes out. I talked to the kids before we did the craft about how it related to the Bible story and/or Scripture of the day. CRAFT time! IMG_0123 IMG_0129 
IMG_0149 IMG_0145 IMG_0153  
IMG_0155 IMG_0126 
IMG_0132 IMG_0299 
IMG_0300 IMG_0290 
IMG_0293 IMG_0304  
IMG_0303 IMG_0283 SNACK time! Chandler's teacher came and asked me on the 2nd day if it was normal for Chandler not to want a snack? It's not normal for him to not want a snack, but it is normal for him to not want something that doesn't look familiar to him and if it's not in a familiar setting. He's such a funny, particular kid. So, one day I went out to see how he was and I found him just happy & content to sit there while everyone around him was enjoying eating. IMG_0116 
IMG_0118 Shepherd & Bryan, two funny 5 year olds! IMG_0137 GAME time! IMG_0287 
IMG_0289 Large Group! Grace & Christian (two kids who we've known the last 8 years or so & whose mom organized the VBS) did skits for the children every morning during the large group time. IMG_0341 PRESENTATION for the parents on Friday! IMG_0325 
IMG_0336 Look at my sweet little Chandler's face! He was so proud of himself up there! And so was I! This was HUGE for him to go every morning and be totally out of his comfort zone! He didn't sing a word up there, but I teared up just seeing my "baby" up on stage! IMG_0327 
IMG_0328 It's like finding Waldo. Can you see my kids in these three pics? IMG_0329