Saturday, October 17, 2009

11 years later~

I love my crazy wonderful life!!!

Especially because I'm with the most wonderful husband. And we love life TOGETHER!

God is good. Marriage is sweet. I am so very blessed.

When I married Seth 11 years ago in Alabama, we would have never thought we'd still be in Texas!

Or have 5 kids.....

And that'd we'd both have GRAY hair????!!!!! Yikes!

No, life hasn't been stress-free or easy as pie, but it's been worth it. And a true JOY to know I am ONE with THE ONE God ordained for me to spend my life with. I can't imagine it any other way.

God's grace has been sufficient. His mercies new each day. We love, we disagree, we forgive, and we keep on keeping on loving. And it's a choice & covenant before God that we both made on October 17th, 1998!!!

I look forward to many more years together and delighting in Jesus and HIS forgiveness & love toward us so that we can continue extending both to each other. JESUS was the center and focus on that day 11 years ago, and I pray HE continues to be in the years to come.....Happy Anniversary to US!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More than just sharing~

(Singing "Days of Elijah" and reciting Colossians 3:1-4) IMG_8920 We went with our homeschool group to an Assisted Living Center this afternoon. Once a month our little group has "Share Day" and this year we are doing it not just for each other, but to hopefully bless others as well. But I have to say, I was in turn very blessed myself. What a neat experience to see the joy on the faces of these elderly ones! They clapped after every child shared something, whether a song, poem, Scripture, etc... IMG_8928


IMG_8926 IMG_8929

IMG_8931 Then the sweetest time was visiting with them afterwards. And so neat for me to watch my kids take Ashlyn around to meet everyone. (A few months ago Tiffany shared with me how when she learns to drive......still 6 years away.......she wants to take Ashlyn with her and they will go visit the elderly at places like this....and I saw a glimpse of that today.) Even Zach who is more introverted took his baby sister around to meet people, and he would've had a harder time doing it just by himself. IMG_8935

IMG_8938 My favorite pics of the day. Watching this sweet lady & Ashlyn interact. IMG_8939
IMG_8941 We look forward to going back again. The event coordinator there today said that the hour spent there will make their week! My grandmother is in a similar place as this down in Florida, and it sure made me wish she was nearby so we could visit her more often.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Yesterday my boys played outside for HOURS, probably from 3 to 7pm, and they had gotten so dirty, I wouldn't let them even step foot inside the house. They'd played tackle football in the area of our backyard that is now mud/dirt and worked on their fort out back. They were sweaty too, with a thick layer of dirt & sweat mixed. To get them to my shower to get clean, before I'd even feed them, I made them strip down & then I'd carry them across carpet, since I wouldn't let them step on it. They were SO yucky, that I started laughing as I was doing it! Then they were laughing too, and thought it was SO funny that I thought they were gross, smelly, and having a hard time picking them up! SO, I had to snap some pictures.

Monday, October 05, 2009

FUN times.....

Experiments at our homeschool group's Park Day.

Listening to what is about to take place & why....


Bryan wondering still....."What am I waiting for?"


Oh, here comes the explosion!





Getting ready to do it again!




And I wondered if this would take place INSIDE of me if I ate some mentos then drank some coke!??!



What a jump, Gabe!!!


SWEET times with big brother (caught Z sweetly talking to Ashlyn)





SEE what I can do??





A weekend visit from Granny & Granddaddy Prescott



Seth's birthday dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse










I can't believe it's already October. We've had some great memories the past few weeks.
Soccer season has begun too. A few wins, a few losses, but great experiences for all the kids. And we've had more RAIN.....which means MUD too :-( I've been more tired then ever, just void of any energy, but God's grace is sustaining me, so I'm thankful. Sweet smiles from this one gives me a boost for sure!