Friday, May 22, 2009

3 weeks old~

Treasuring our sweet baby girl~

Three weeks ago I gave birth to this precious baby. We are so blessed that God has given her to us. I know it's only for a time, and I want to treasure every moment. Even the sleepless ones.  

I am grateful to not be nauseous, and have some sense of energy back. Hopefully getting back on my thyroid medication I'm picking up today will help out in that regard.  

Ashlyn is such a content peaceful baby. Even amidst seeming chaos around here! I'm pretty sure she sleeps better around noise than she does quiet.  

So much for my idea of getting back into a school routine this week. That SO did not happen. Although each day the kids did at least something. Whether it was spelling, history, art, or whatever. I'm still trying to figure out a routine around here in between the baby's feedings, laundry, disciplining, etc....Maybe in 3 more weeks we'll have that down!  

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Remember those who have fought (& continue to fight!) for our freedom! THANK them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not without love~

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just so I don't forget.....

Some of the happenings of the past week or so A special delivery of a cookie bouquet (Thanks, Croziers!!!!)
IMG_2604 Fun with neighbors...who are actually THE Neighbors
IMG_2623 Bryan just "hanging out"
IMG_2620 End of the year "Open House" at Grandma's. What a blessing for her to teach the older kids (along with some of their cousins) history from a Biblical perspective this past year! They had a blast learning so many new things together & working on all the exciting projects! Some of the things they studied included.... Castles~

Stained glass~

The Reformation & The Middle Ages~

The Fall of Rome, mosaics & the catacombs~

IMG_2661 Grandma even displayed some of their letters & writing projects on the wall IMG_2666 Some of the people they learned about were....Christopher Columbus, Galileo, John Wycliffe, Queen Elizabeth, AND other kings & queens. A few are pictured here in their costumes..... IMG_2627 
IMG_2632 IMG_2633 
IMG_2638 IMG_2639 
IMG_2642 Ashlyn slept through the whole program at the Open House....mostly in her great grandmother's arms.
IMG_2668 Speaking of our sweet baby girl......she's already acquired a multitude of nick-names around here, mainly given to her by her brother, Bryan. He takes after me, I guess, in nicknaming people. 

I love watching the boys talk to her. They tell her all kinds of things, are convinced she is looking or smiling at them, and usually have to be pried away from her!
I wish I'd had my camera yesterday when Chandler came up to his little sister who was in her car seat at the time with a huge frog he'd just found. He wanted to show it to her & tell her all about it! Once I realized what was going on, I saw that he was more like squeezing the frog instead of holding it, and it was about 4 inches from her face!!!! I was scared it was going to either pee on her or jump right onto her head! Thankfully it didn't. Chan just did NOT get that she wasn't quite interested in frogs yet. Anyway, a funny moment I wish I'd captured on film. Here's Ashlyn getting her first real bath. She loves relaxing in the water.
IMG_3007 Here's a wild & crazy child of mine one night after "styling" his hair, his sister took these pics.
IMG_2986 Speaking of that wild & crazy child.....this was tonight.....
IMG_3067 Notice Ashlyn's face.....she wasn't quite sure what to think! The boys just can't get enough of her though!


IMG_3062 I mean, how can you resist this precious face?!?!
IMG_3032 baby girl @ 17 days old~ Well, Monday has already arrived. And I'm up later tonight than I have been since baby's arrival. I just had to record these special moments & memories while I had the chance. The last 4-5 nights, I've gotten a good 5-6 hour stretch of sleep each night. Seriously, it's wonderful, especially compared to how I wasn't sleeping during pregnancy! And I will take sleep deprivation over throwing up & feeling nauseous & uncomfortable ANY day!!!!! (Although I know I wouldn't have my precious baby to enjoy if it hadn't been for all of that!) I "think" I will attempt to finish up some school with the kids the next 2 weeks. We have no extra curriculur activities in May except for Tiffany's piano recital this week, so now is the time to finish up a few things. We'll continue some stuff through the summer though. Oh, and we do have a musical the older two will be in at the end of the month at church, and practices for that, and costumes to come up with! Any idea of a wolf costume for Zach? I'll be working on a sheep one for Tiff tomorrow. My eyes are barely staying open now, and I think I'm done recording things that I just don't want to least for now. G-night~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14 faces on Day 14~

ASHLYN STAR on 5-14-09
Our precious baby and some of the many faces she gives us! 
And what a peaceful sleeper!

(Thanks sis, for these last two shots!)