Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On a Wednesday afternoon~

I heard sweet playful noises in my bathroom today. And here's what I happened upon. IMG_0904  
It was some cowboys & horses! No, they weren't the ones making the noise, it was this sweet imaginative boy of mine! 
And he spent a good hour in there!
Then I walk into the dining room moments later, and my other son is imaginative in a different way! IMG_0922 
IMG_0921 IMG_0906  
Can you guess what he's dreaming about?  
IMG_0908 IMG_0909 
He really is a pretty good......I mean, this mom of his thinks he is.  
He's quite determined and works for HOURS on these drawings. 
He will pause a movie/tv to look and draw something he sees.  
Or he will study a page out of a book.  
He's really into drawing anything that has to do with football, or drawing faces & people.  
For a while it was guns, knives, archery stuff.... I find pages of his drawings EVERYwhere. 
Stacks of them underneath his pillow in his bed too.  
Zach just really fascinates me with his giftings and his hand/eye coordination.  
If only he could transfer some of that amazing ability over to READING..... 
.....but I do realize and want to encourage him in the things he does well in.  
Reading has come, slowly but surely. I do admit, he's WAY surpassed me in drawing.  
He asked me the other day to please draw some fingers & a nose on his person... I told him that he was already better at them than I was!!!!  
Tiff's alone time usually consists of doing crafts in her room. The ones that she doesn't want the boys messing up! IMG_0927 IMG_0928  
And then there's my sweet Chandler who when it is raining outside in summer, he's still enjoying his popsicle inside and wearing his swimsuit hoping for sunshine to return!  

Hope everyone had a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One special daughter~

Tiffany started her birthday off with time spent with daddy out to breakfast.  

On Sunday we celebrated her special day with a lunch out to the Cheesecake Factory!  
Some of her favorite people joined us.  
Tiff just loves her Aunt Amanda. 
And her brothers..... 
IMG_0785 IMG_0788  
Well, sometimes I must admit she feels a bit surrounded! 
Her face in this picture describes how she sometimes feels! IMG_0793  
But time with both Granny Prescott & Grandma Wakefield make up for it! 
Tiffany sure has wonderful grandparents, a wonderful legacy in both of these women who love Jesus!  
Always smiling when with Papa.  
And her birthday cake was a piece of cheesecake this year, that she shared with everyone! 
(I could have never made something so scrumptious!) 
The boys couldn't wait til her actual birthday to give her their gifts, and so Sunday night, she obliged. The funniest was a "pickle birthday card" they had picked out with their daddy. Years ago Uncle Robert told them a pickle story, and ever since Zach has continued telling his brothers (& sometimes sister) "pickle stories!" Pickle is the main character, and it's usually quite entertaining....well, and quite silly. Anyway, they loved that they found a pickle card. IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0855 IMG_0841 
IMG_0847 IMG_0845 

IMG_0838 IMG_0837 
Tiffany ended her day with mommy, out for a haircut, toes & nails done, icecream & a movie. A special mom & daughter time and how fun to watch Tiff get an hour "pampering." She really does deserve it for all she puts up with around here! And for how many hours she gives up to do all the boy stuff! Just as we got in the car to leave, she said "Wow, this is rare." Then when we left the little salon, she said "Wow, that was rare." TOO fun! JUST the girls! 
IMG_0867 IMG_0865 
Oh, and at the movie, we had the theatre completely ALL to ourselves, so we could talk & laugh. Tiffany mentioned that there were no noisy brothers so we didn't have to pause it! Here we are after we got home.
What a special daughter. We are so very blessed. Tiffany is a delight and JOY to us. God is working in her life and we pray for her that this next year will be her BEST yet as she seeks to please HIM. She is so responsible here at home, and such a great help. Even sometimes cleaning the BOYS bathroom...and that's no fun really! She spends most of her free time playing with her brothers and loves time with her cousins too, hanging out and running around with the guys and then spoiling her little nieces! I can't believe she is nine and that all the time spent disciplining, training, spanking, and lovingly directing her is reaping benefits in her life as she learns to make choices that truly please the ONE that matters. Our desire is to lead her to the ONE she is to obey & please as we remind her to cry out to Him in time of need. God is good, He is gracious, and although parenting is one of the biggest challenges, one that requires much trust, patience, love &'s worth it.