Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2005 Prescott Family Christmas Letter

Friends and Family,

Well, this past year has been a whirlwind, and it's hard to believe we will be entering 2006 soon. Is life going to continue to fly by like this? Before it passes ever so quickly, I wanted to take the time to update you on the happenings of our family. I applaud you if you make it to the end of this epistle.

On March 9th, 2005 at 7:01 am. Chandler Elijah Prescott entered the world weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces (ouch!) and measuring 22 1/2 inches long. He was, and is a BIG boy! The labor was very fast and the easiest thus far, which we were grateful for. I was quite sick the whole 9 months of pregnancy, so the easy labor/delivery made up for it....well, almost. The precious baby made up for it really. Chandler has been a delight to us all. Bryan has had NO problems being a big brother and has enjoyed getting to "play" with "Chandler Baby" as he still affectionately calls him. At 9 1/2 months old now, Chandler is crawling (although his army crawl is much better & faster than his all 4's crawl at this point), pulling up on things (got his first bloody lip after a fall!) clapping, waving, and FINALLY eating some real food. Chandler has skipped the whole baby food thing, and with 7 teeth (at 7 months) could just move right on to the real thing. Chandler loves being with his brothers and sister, being outside, playing with daddy, playing ball, and loves being with mommy when he's hungry. :-) He is very easy going, happy, and enjoyable, although recently he has found his "voice." Now the real training time begins!

"Bringer of Light" and "Jehovah is God"

Chandler with his cousin, Caedman Welch
Chandler with his cousin, Heidi Wakefield

Bryan will be 3 in January, and is a fun-loving non-stop energetic ALL boy! One of Bryan's great accomplishments this year was graduating from diapers. He was my easiest to potty train thus far. If you were to come to our house, you might find Bryan with basketball shorts on, no shirt, no shoes,(no matter what the weather) and carrying a little baggie of "snacks." Also, he loves football and soccer, the trampoline or anything outside. Bryan loves people and is a big talker, and gets very excited about anything. I am amazed we haven't made any trips to the emergency room with him this year. With all his falls, accidents, and stunts, God has protected our little no-fear risk taker and put a hedge of protection around him.

Zachary just turned 5 in November. Zachary has had a few firsts this past year. One being, last February, when he fell off the back of our bike trailer in our driveway and split his head open. That was a trip to the ER and he came home with 10 staples in his head. We didn't have a good ER experience, and after months of Zach still complaining about the "bump" on his head we had it x-rayed. Last month the results of the x-ray showed there is still a "foreign object" IN there. So, we are in the process of writing a letter to the hospital and the ER doctor (we didn't think they did a sufficient & thorough job on the treatment back in Feb. and obviously not since there is still something in there) as well as meeting with a general surgeon about getting Zachary's head cut back open and free of whatever is still in there, most likely dirt, gravel or something like that.
Zachary took swimming lessons, along with Tiffany, and 3 of his cousins, this summer. By the middle of the summer, he was a fish in the pool, jumping of the diving board, and diving for rings, and more. Zachary also started gymnastics this fall. He has really come a long way, but most of all it has been great for him learning coordination, staying in line, taking turns, and following specific directions. Zachary also began private speech therapy in October. We are grateful for 2 sets of grandparents who saw his need for that and offered to help financially. We are very pleased with his progress even after 2 months and are excited that he can now count CLEARLY to 10 and say his name and it be understood! (although we're still working on his siblings names!) I have been grateful to sit in on every session to learn what to work with him on at home. The one on one time is great for him and he is now beginning to catch himself when he says something wrong. I look forward to seeing how much more he will learn in the coming months.
Zachary is a very busy hands-on boy. He is always creating something with whatever he can find. He is very inquisitive, asking lots of questions. He is the best at entertaining Chandler, and always has plenty of hugs and kisses for us!

Tiffany turned 6 this year, started 1st grade in homeschooling, and is very excited about reading. She finished her 1st grade Math already this year. She will get out her school books any time of day/night. She is the best big sister to her brothers, although half the time I remind her she is not their 2nd mom as well. :-) Tiffany is very responsible and helpful with chores around the house, "babysitting" Chandler (so mommy can get a shower!), and organizing things. Tiffany enjoyed swimming lessons also this summer and was able to free-style and backstroke the length of the swimming pool. She also had her first attempt at water skiing this summer, and made it UP on her 3rd try! Now, she wasn't up for long, but long enough for me to snap a picture! Tiffany is in her 3rd year doing gymnastics and continues to do things that I've never been able to do! She has no fear and doesn't mind a challenge. Tiffany prefers outside play and fun times with her brothers and boy cousins, over dolls and tea parties. But every once in a while, you'll find her "dressing up" for at least a few minutes. :-)
TIffany turns 6!
Tiffany and her cousin, Morgan
YAY! She's up!

We enjoyed "co-opping" with my mom and sister this fall on Fridays. My mom taught the older 3 grandkids spelling/phonics/reading for an hour, Alyssa taught history/geography for an hour, then I did music with the older 5. For Thanksgiving the kids did a program at an extended family gathering for about 60 people with singing, verses, and even solos. Tiffany, and Scott and Shelton really love to sing and have no shy bone in their body. :-) (wonder where they got that from?) This next year I think I will work with them on parts and harmonizing. They pick up on anything musically very well.

Seth's 4 1/2 years with Noll.Bakke Commercial came to an end last May. We learned a lot about trusting in the Lord during those years of commission only, and although challenging at times, we wouldn't trade them. We saw God provide time and time again, even in "the last hour" on our time-table. We have recorded numerous times where God provided where we thought not possible. The Lord sovereignly provided the next job for him at Parthenon Realty in June. It's been a drastically different environment but again, God's timing is perfect and I am amazed at the way the Lord has used Seth already in his new workplace. He is a witness in word and deed to his boss and co-workers. As Seth continues to live differently, we pray for the Lord to soften hearts and draw others to Himself in His timing. Having a paycheck that covers the bills has been a blessing also. And just today Seth called me because he was in shock at the end of the year bonus he received. Wow, God is good, beyond what we expected.
Besides Seth's full-time job he is a great husband and father. I couldn't do without him. The kids favorite times with daddy are "family time" in the evenings, trampoline time, and working and playing outside together.
Both Seth and I turned the BIG "30" this year, bringing in the new decade of our life with close friends and family to celebrate. No telling what's in store for us these next 30 years.

At times all I feel I do around here is "survive and maintain." Just keeping the day to day things going can be a major challenge. The Lord keeps reminding me to have an eternal perspective. To remember why He has me here, to remember that I'm His servant, His child, living for His purpose and His glory. And every person and situation He has placed in my life is exactly what HE knows I need! (that's a profound truth, btw!) Oh, and it's to make me more like Christ....that's His ultimate plan, to mold me more into His image, to draw me closer to Him, for the glory to be all His.
This year I have been involved in a Bible study with 4 other friends, who are young wives/mothers. We have been going through my dad's book, "Equipped to Love" and the study guide has been so helpful with lots of practical (and challenging) applications. It's been a great reminder to keep my focus where it is supposed to be, to not look to anything other than God to supply. I have enjoyed the fellowship weekly, and the support and encouragement that each in the study has been to me. It's been a blessing, and a refreshing time spiritually during my busy week.
We continue to pray for wisdom in regards to my health. In the summer I got e-coli and a bad kidney/bladder infection. Those are times (when you're that sick!) that you're grateful for doctors/antibiotics. All the "natural" stuff didn't cut it.....My body has been through so much during the past 5 years with 3 very rough pregnancies. I still am no where near back to "normal." (If there is such a thing.) I continue to have intense itching many times daily (and worse at night) and the cause is still unknown. It's annoying as well as quite painful at times. There are other health issues that I'm dealing with that I pray over the next year or so I can get worked out. I think the kids and Seth need to see a "well and new" me sometime soon. I am hoping it happens for their sake, and mine, very soon.

This summer we had a few "trips" as Chandler and I went to my cousin, Jon's wedding Georgia in July and then our whole family went to Windermere, a Christian camp in Missouri for a Hall (mom's side) family reunion. It was a really neat time there. In August, I got away for a few days with some "girlfriends" for a much needed "refreshment" and Chandler came with me also. In September, we met Seth's parents in Tyler, TX over the Labor Day weekend. They made a few visits this year. In May we enjoyed a few days down at the gulf coast with them, and we also were grateful to spend Thanksgiving with them. Seth's parents are still in Mississippi and the kids treasure the times they get to spend with Granny and Granddaddy.
Seth's sister, Stephanie, and her family went to Nepal as missionaries this past May. Because of the technologies we now have we can keep in contact with them online through writing, pictures, and even a live web-cam that they have. They are anticipating a visit from Granny Prescott over Christmas this year.

In November all my family enjoyed a trip down to the gulf coast in Rockport, Texas. It's the closet our kids will get to a "beach" and they absolutely LOVE it! As do we, since it can be a great "natural" babysitter. We are grateful to live near all my family. My parents stay very busy with counseling, and with our local church, and Elijah Ministries....and being wonderful grandparents. My brother Micah, and his wife Holly are enjoying their precious daughter, Heidi Summer (9 1/2 months and only exactly 4 hours younger than Chandler), who will be a big sister this coming May. Micah is a huge blessing to Elijah Ministries and works for my dad. Robert and Alyssa and kids live about 25 minutes from us and we enjoy making memories together. The volume level when we ALL get together is at a high decible, but the memories made and cherished are worth it. We never know how long the Lord will allow us to all live this close together. Our church, Bulverde Fellowhip, has gone through lots of changes this year, but at this point, the Lord hasn't directed us elsewhere. We thank God for dear friendships developed through our church, as well as others in the area, and those we keep in touch with online too.
God has blessed us with many great friends and family who are supportive and encouraging. We are grateful for YOU and for what you mean to us! And thank you to some of you who visited us this year, making memories with us!

There is so much more we could share, believe it or not, you've barely got me started, but for now, this chapter will come to a close. We look forward to the coming year and what God is going to do!
May Christ be the CENTER of all you do, and may those around you know the real, true meaning of CHRISTmas! May His love fill you, His joy encompass you, and His peace envelop you! And may you know HIM deeper this coming year!

With grateful hearts,

Seth and Abby
Tiffany, Zachary, Bryan, and Chandler

738 Best Way
San Antonio, TX 78258
aprescott@gvtc.com AND sprescott@parthenonrealty.com
Go to: www.xanga.com/aprescott for future updates and pictures!


Mother Superior said...

Love all your pictures Abby. The Lord has been so faithful to you guys this year - it's a huge encouragement to me. Thanks for helping keep my eyes on the "big picture".

Love you!

Kari Underwood said...

I loved reading about your year! Your family is precious. Love from the Underwoods.

Peter Guy said...

Now that's the way to send out a Christmas Letter! Way to stay on the digital cusp, Prescotts!
Don't applaud yet, 'cause I haven't read all of it, but it is great to catch about with y'all.
Seth, you're having way too much fun with all of those kids. :-)
And check out that picture of all the Wakefields! I can't believe Micah is married. With a child, yet. Life happens so quickly.
Glad to see y'all are continuing the legacy.


katy~* said...

i loved reading about your year, abby. i will be praying for your health.

much love to you and yours this Christmas.