Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Bryan!

January 16th, 2003.....No, I didn't type that wrong, you are right. That is not today, but it was 3 years ago on this day, that Bryan Anthony Prescott entered the world, and became a part of our family. What a true joy and blessing he has been. And what fun!
Today, on Bryan's 3rd birthday, here are some things we LOVE about him!

His daddy said:
I love how he says words in two parts or syllables.
I love when he gives me a hug and says "I love you, daddy."
I love how he gets excited about life.
I love how tough he is.
I love his smile.

His mommy said:
I love his hugs.
I love when he spontaneously comes to find me and says "I love you, mommy."
I love how he affectionately calls his little brother "Tanwerr Baby."
I love how he asks me "What can I do to help?"
I love his energetic, yet sensitive spirit.
I love how Bryan works hard, plays hard, and then sleeps hard.

Big sister "Tiffy" and big brother "Dack" said:
I love how Bryan likes to play with me.
I love when he is nice to me.
I love how Bryan laughs.

Bryan falls down a lot, but rarely ever gets hurt.
He can talk non-stop at home, but then in the car he rarely talks at all. He is our best car rider.
And he is amazing with directions.
His excitement about life is contagious and he is content with the simple things in life.
Bryan's favorite food is cereal. He asks for it EVERY meal, although it's not given to him at every meal of course.
His two most common asked questions this year are "Please may I have a snack?" and "Can I take my shirt off?"

We know that it is a miracle that Bryan is with us, when 18 months ago he was life-less and not breathing after being pulled out of our hot tub. A day we will never forget, as we almost thought we'd lost him. God spared his life and for a reason. We look forward to what great things God has in store for our son. We pray God saves him at a young age and that He uses His life to advance His Kingdom and for His glory. And we pray for God's wisdom to be granted to us as we do our best to direct, train, discipline and love him while we have him in our care.

Happy Birthday Bryan!
We love you!

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