Friday, March 24, 2006


I should know by now that when my children are doing crafts/coloring and laughing in the other room that I shouldn't be fooled into thinking that they are just having fun and being obedient and being sweet to one another. THAT they were doing, but also they let Chandler have a little too much fun.....

Here ya go, mom.

Like what I did?

It sure was fun!

Maybe my one year old really is smart enough though to know to grab the green marker because it's an "army color" (as my 3yo says) and he wanted to be in camo like his brother was!
Haha.....I doubt it.....


St. Louis Days said...

Hilarious. Can't leave them for a second! I love kids!!

Grafted Branch said...

So funny! What a cute boy.

I've got a picture of my Three doing the same thing to her nose, only flagrantly -- as I watch! Kind of a "I know she knows" moment. Cute then, but now in hindsight...hmmm.

Yours looks like he's just havin' himself a jolly time. :)