Saturday, November 11, 2006

Valley of Vision

I have only ever read portions of this book, but I hear it is excellent. I have recently been listening to a cd that are songs of worship inspired by this classic book of Puritan prayers. Here are a few things from these prayers/songs that have really stood out to me today.

The valley of vision
is the place of paradox.
Here, the one who wants to save his life
loses it for the sake of Another.
Here, strength is perfected in weakness,
and the greatest is the servant of all.
Living in the depths,
we see Him in the heights.
Learning that the way down
is the way up,
To be low
is to be high,
And to bear the cross is
to wear a crown.

Grant me never to lose sight of...
the exceeding sinfulness of sin,
the exceeding righteousness of salvation,
the exceeding glory of Christ,
the exceeding beauty of holiness,
the exceeding wonder of grace.

"How Deep" by Stephen Altrogge
You were broken that I might be healed
You were cast off that I might draw near
You were thirsty that I might come drink
Cried out in anguish that I might sing
You knew darkness that I might know light
Wept great tears that mine might be dried
Stripped of glory that I might be clothed
Crushed by Your Father to call me Your own.
How deep is Your love
How high and how wide is Your mercy
How deep is Your grace
Our hearts overflow with praise to You!

I want to RUN to Jesus......

I want to WALK in His footsteps......


Kathryn said...

To cute!

Mishel said...

Beautiful...thought provoking. What is the name of the CD?