Saturday, December 23, 2006

Prescott Poem of 2006

Here is a poem 'bout the Prescott Family
Even included with pictures for you to see.
There's a time or two when it doesn't exactly rhyme
But with much to do 'round here, please forgive me this time.

Tiffany is a true JOY, surrounded by boys.
She spends hours with her brothers rather than with toys.
She's a gymnast and a pianist
And she's mommy's helper....honest.
She has a soft, caring, sensitive heart,
And this year we've seen maturing on her part.
Her desire to know and do what is pleasing to God
Blesses our hearts as parents more than anything could.

Zachary has changed the most this past year.
Finally we can understand his speech and it's clear!
He likes basketball, golf, and creating anything with his hands.
He's adventurous and studious, and a strong "little man"
Working alongside his daddy became a favorite thing to do
Learning diligence and hard work and thoroughness too.
He's learning to read, and add his numbers
And we're always encouraging him to keep loving his younger brothers.

Bryan is a riot, full of life, fun, and talking.
He rarely does anything JUST walking.
He rides his "horsie stick" everywhere outside
Even teaching his younger sidekick how to "ride"
Every day he wonders what we will eat and where we will go
Always excited and usually goes with the flow....
He needs to work on self-control especially with his emotions
But has finally conquered sitting still in church and family devotions. (YAY!)

Chandler is our "Lovies" and never lacks kisses
And he's entered toddler-hood full force creating mommy many messes.
He's not much of a talker, but definitely smart enough to be
So it's hard for us to understand what he wants when he just says "please"
He's become more daddy's boy this year
And loves to play outside, and has hardly any fear.
He attempts to do whatever his brothers do
And is never found without his (or someone elses) shoes.

Seth has worked so hard for us this year
Both in real estate and remodeling, he's definitely my "man of the year."
He loves spending time with the kids, especially reading to them each night.
Also lovingly serving me even when I was out of sight. (he was Mr. Mom for two weekends this past summer when I went out of state to two weddings)
2007 will hold some challenges for us
But I know my husband trusts our Father and He will work in us what He must.

Me, well I don't know how to sum up my year.
Actually, itching about would, from my toe to my ear.
But that's kinda depressing not bringing much good cheer.
So, lets just say I've been busy being mom serving those I hold dear.
God has granted me grace beyond what I deserve.
He's shown me Himself giving me opportunities to serve.
I pray daily for relief from the physical trials I face
But I know God is sovereign and keep pressing on in this race.
As a wife and mom I need wisdom and the filling of Christ each day
He's faithful, never changing, always showing me the way.
2007 hold its unknowns, and exciting in a sense too.
May you all enjoy this season......and Merry Christmas from us Prescotts to you!


Kathryn said...

Very nice picture's!

Kevin & Amy said...

Abby, your kids are so cute! How fun to see pics of your little ones. It was also fun to see pics of your sisters and brother and their families.

Amy (Williams) Koons