Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last minute trip to the beach~

We drove down after church, just in time to have a few hours & practically the beach to ourselves before sunset.  

Chandler happy to run & play in the sand

Bryan braved the very cold wate

Zach wasn't quite as thrilled about the temp of the water IMG_1214

Tiff building a sand castle
IMG_1208 IMG_1218  

Yes, it was a bit windy & chilly

They all went off to roam the sand dunes w/daddy  
And I found myself alone for 30 minutes

And discovered baby's & my shadow
(Yes, I know quite the strange picture!)  

Monday it was SO fun to have my sis & her kids, my mom & other sister, and sister-in-law & her kids join us down there for the day. Although it was more windy than we would have hoped, at least the sun was out.

Here's my one who wasn't as thrilled about the windy, cold, sand-in-your face experience.
But I know Grandma had fun watching/counting all her grandkids & taking pictures!

Some of a sand battle that took place

The kids (most of them anyway!) would have definitely outlasted the adults, but alas we did have to head back home. Everyone was so hungry, & Cracker Barrel on the way home for 6 adults & 12 kids satisfied empty tummies just fine. I do love how the beach wears them out & they sleep SO well. (just wish I could have!)  

We're home now & after making the trip in the car, walking the beach, doing laundry & cleaning today, I'm just about ready for baby to come. I'm experiencing some fierce pain in my stomach, but not like the pain of contractions (although I've having some of those too) and I haven't got much sleep at all. Two nights "sleeping" sitting up in a chair is getting old.  

I know I'm on the home stretch. Tomorrow begins the month she is due. I could have 2 weeks left, or 4, but either way, she WILL be on the other side soon! The month of March flew by, so she will be here before I know it! Still lots to get & get ready before she arrives, just hope I can muster up some energy to do it!

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