Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my birthday boy~

Tradition in my family growing up was when we turned 4, we got to go out to breakfast with dad on our birthday. My first birthday memory actually is when I was 4. And I can't think of a time I missed a breakfast with my dad (and if I did, it was made up later!) on my birthday while I lived at home.
So, we have continued that tradition in our family. And Chandler was so excited to go to on his first breakfast date with Seth....even if it was an early morning on Sunday. (They still look a little sleepy to me!) IMG_0777 Monday morning Chan helped me make his cake. IMG_0779 
IMG_0780 IMG_0784 
IMG_0787 The boys got out of schoolwork (a tradition usually on someone's birthday around here) and Chandler's choice of activity was football! IMG_0808 Then it was off to ride the train at the park. Chan wanted his two cousins that are his age to come along. One of them couldn't meet up, but the other one we went to pick up and take along with us. Here are Caedman & Chandler waiting for the train. IMG_0844 And then all of them showing me their tickets. IMG_0838 My sweet birthday boy on the train. IMG_0873 After the train ride. IMG_0899 Hanging out on the train tracks. IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0919 Chandler's "cool" big brothers. They really made it a point to make his day special for him! IMG_0812 IMG_0819 Back at home, Seth grilled some yummy chicken, one of Chandler's favorites, and we ate dinner on the back deck. IMG_0928 IMG_0934 Then it was time for cake! IMG_0945 And presents from his brothers & sister. What a fun little boy & a fun day.

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