Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tiffany's 10 year old TRIP!!!!

The last week of August our 10 yr. old Tiffany had the privilege of going on a week long trip with her grandparents. My parents have said they want to do something like this when each grandchild turns 10. My dad has a lot of ministry trips and it's so neat that the kids will get a chance to see how/where Papa ministers.....and get special time with their grandparents!!!!

Tiffany has looked forward to it since hearing about her older cousin's trip last year! There were a few times we thought it wasn't going to work out, and we prayed and gave it all to the Lord. Even the day before they were supposed to leave something came up, and we put it all in HIS hands, once again......but when 4am on Sunday August 23rd rolled around, Tiffany was up & ready to head out to the airport with Grandma & Papa!!!!
(We sent along our old little digital camera, and Tiffany returned home with over 400 pictures!!! But I'll only post a "few"!)

Here she is on the plane headed for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Their first stop in PA was:

Then Independence Hall
IMG_3604 IMG_3623 IMG_3706
IMG_3659 IMG_3677

Then the site of THE Liberty Bell

They also visited Benjamin Franklin's house & burial site. The next day before heading to New Jersey for the Family Camp week at Harvey Cedars Camp they visited Valley Forge.

I remember going to this bridge when I was a kid!

In New Jersey the camp was right on the bay/beach.
IMG_3994 IMG_3952 IMG_3958

Tiffany of course loved collecting seashells!

And visiting a lighthouse!

She also enjoyed the marine biology class she went to each morning.
One day they disected a starfish!
(I won't gross you with the other 20 pictures she took of the process! Ewwww!)

There were quite a few pictures taken of things like THIS:
IMG_3605 IMG_3608
IMG_3606 IMG_3756
IMG_3643 IMG_3644
IMG_3645 IMG_3760

Tiffany said she couldn't believe how GREEN it was up there!!!! (Yes, we feel a bit deprived of green down here in south Texas...we see brown a LOT!) IMG_3863 IMG_3853
(my favorite scenic pic she took)

I also found pictures of these:
IMG_3598 IMG_3571
IMG_3570 IMG_3754
IMG_4074 IMG_4073

Tiffany had a wonderful time. And did amazingly well being away from us for 8 days! We missed her tremendously! Having skype/video chat sure helped so we could talk & see each other every day! And it helped that she was with such wonderful people!!! Thanks mom & dad for taking her & taking care of her! The memories she has will last a lifetime!!!!

She even got to go to one of my favorite restaurants!
Ruby's....not on the pier in HB, Calif....but hey, it was a Ruby's!

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