Sunday, May 09, 2010

The last 40 days or so.....

Since April 1st...... Here's a quick run-down and photo update of what's been going on.....besides school every DAY & remodeling work every NIGHT. (see a previous post for remodeling progress) Friday school w/Grandma, Easter party, fun at the property, soccer practices 2 nights a week, "moving" back home, strawberry picking, trip to Fredericksburg, trip to LBJ ranch, grass mowing, fun outside, Zach's first 5K race & getting 1st place in his age group, Ashlyn's 1st birthday, Saturday soccer games, Voci rehearsals & concerts for me, Hannah Kate catalog photo shoots for Tiff, tennis lesson & clinic for Zach, piano lessons, getting tired of hearing Tiff's recital song, cleaning & organizing for me, fishing trip at the coast for Seth, time @ the park, time with friends from our homeschool group, trip to Morgan's Wonderland, trip to the zoo, and I'm sure MUCH more! Oh, Seth & I did get ONE date night in during that time. And we've had a little bit of family time. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but here's a few pictures of some of this past month's activity!

IMG_0992 IMG_1023 IMG_1059
IMG_1073 IMG_1099 IMG_1153
IMG_1154 IMG_1227 IMG_1290
IMG_1271 IMG_1278 IMG_1493
IMG_1423 IMG_1638 IMG_1590
IMG_1795 IMG_1789 IMG_1745
IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1833
IMG_1857 IMG_1997 IMG_1999
IMG_2018 IMG_2047 IMG_2030
IMG_2055 IMG_2084 IMG_2109
And our precious Miss Happy ONE year old! IMG_2157

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