Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Missed not having my man here today. He was out of town this weekend, with his mom, as he surprised her and went to her graduation ceremony where she received her doctorate, that she's spent many hours working on for over the past few years. So, he got to be with his own mom on Mother's Day, which I don't know if that's occurred since we've been married. So, that was neat for him.

But I realized today that so much of what my kids have done for me on previous Mother's Days is initiated by their wonderful daddy. So, with him gone, this day really was no different than any other day. But that's what being a MOM really is!! Day to day, the same thing, enjoying every moment with your kiddos. Not necessarily was appreciated or thanked or shown special attention, but that's ok. I'm just so thankful to God for each little blessing He's given me that makes me a MOM.

I did decide to treat my kids today. And treat myself in that I didn't have to cook. So, I took them to a backyard burger place that has a playground and sport's court & field to run & play. Wasn't my choice of my favorite food, by any means, but they loved it. And I did hear "thank you's" all the way to the car as we were leaving. One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids have fun & play & enjoy whatever they are doing. I got to sit and watch that this afternoon. As I held and kissed & laughed with my sweet baby girl.

I'm also caring for my younger sister w/down's syndrome this week while my parents are in California. SO glad that they get the chance to be just the TWO of them for a bit. It's mainly a ministry trip for them, but I hope they have gotten some time to themselves as well. SO grateful for a MOM who loves Jesus, loves her husband, and her children unconditionally. Words can't express my appreciation for my wonderful MOM!

So, I had my sister, Amanda, snap some pictures of the kids & I this afternoon real quick when we returned from church. Out of about 15 of them this was the only one with a few heads not cut off. Although Chan's is a little hidden still in this pic.....but it's me w/them all, and that's what matters.

They are God's gifts to me. Blessings to treasure here. Lives invested in for eternity.


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Hello!!! This is Rachel Beita (used to be Rachel Grubb when we went to Cost Community). So glad to see your blog! I love this picture!!

I found your blog through my sister who found your sister´s photography blog.

So encouraged to see how God has blessed you! So glad you enjoyed Mother´s day though it was different without your husband. My little one is still very young so I went to my moms and made her dinner and dessert with my sisters. Very special.

Blessings to you!!!

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