Monday, June 30, 2008

Answer to prayer!

After praying, trusting, and waiting last week, we got a call at 11:25 pm on Thursday night from the security guard at the river park. Someone at the river park found the camera bag on SATURDAY night, apparantly just after we left, so a local, and knew just who to give it to. So, he, the security guard had it since Sat. but didn't know whose it was!!!!! (Get that! God had answered my prayer before I even knew it had gone missing and started to pray about it!!!!)  
The security guard had been down to the park Thursday night and saw all the signs I'd placed out there. He had actually since then charged up the camera battery and gone through the pictures trying to find a way to figure out whose it was. There were pics left on there of the trip, and one of the van, so he was going to run a check on the license of the van.  
Anyway, I just couldn't believe he had it! There was also a chair left with it! Somehow Seth had forgotten to load a chair AND the camera bag!!! He says he must have really really been out of it!!!! And amazing he didn't run it over pulling away from that parking space. Seriously, a miracle. Although I was SO sad over this all week, I felt God's peace. I was so bummed, but yet not worried. HE just wanted me to trust Him. And to learn to rest, to wait, to have hope. I'm still amazed.  
Anyway, just wanted everyone to share in our happiness, relief, and an answer to prayer! And thanks to those who knew of this and prayed.  
Sleep well. God is good. ALL the time!  
He even cares about cameras, pictures, videos and such......HE cares about me.  

And here are some of my favorite pics of the cousins on our beach trip!
First they were looking into the sun, which obviously wasn't the best idea!
So, we got the backsides of them instead!


SevenPilgrims said...

Whooo Hooooo! Oh I am sooo excited for you and rejoicing tremendously. I felt sick for you when I heard the news but rejoiced at your faith and peace. Way to fight, Sister! ~Jan

Elizabeth Mather said...

Praise the Lord! I know you are so thankful the camera was found. I love the pic of the cousins with their backs showing!

three girls and a guy said...

I love all your travel pictures Abby, the cousins look so cute together. That's fun that your kids are all close to the same ages.
So glad you found your camera!

cristie said...

YAY YAY YAY! So exciting to hear such great news. I know that you were so excited to get your "memories" back. Those pictures and video are literally priceless and that thrills me that the Lord showed you that He thought that much of them too! He knows your heart and how much you love to capture the essence of your family ... I think He loves it too that we can relish in them through our pictures, videos and words. God is GOOD! Happy Days!